Accessing Project Files

To quickly access Bidding project files, please visit the Bid Calendar on our website.

For current projects, the Project Manager will provide a secure, project specific, FTP link.

Pre-Qualification Form

You can download the Pre–Qualification Form or fill in the online version on this page. Fill in each field (MANDATORY or it will not be submitted).Click on the Submit button when you have completed the online form.

Accounts Payable Inquiry

Occassionally questions may arise regarding Accounts Payable. Since most questions can be answered by reading a contract or work order, please review these documents before submitting any questions.

If still unable find the answer, please send an email to Accounts Payable. You will receive a response within two working days.

Sworn Statement Information

Here is an educational video of U.S. Builders' sworn statement:

Sworn Statement Video

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