Typically, in order for a contractor to bid on a project, very specific details relating to the methods and materials must be given to avoid any ambiguity.

In a design-build, the owner, the owner's other consultants and the design-builder work together to determine what methods and materials will maximize the owner's value. Owners may adjust the project without having to restart the bidding process.


Design-build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design-bid-build environment.

The compression is an important aspect of the implementation of this system. Other potential attributes include:

  1. Enhanced communication between the service provider and the client,
  2. Increased accountability by the service provider,
  3. Single source project delivery,
  4. Value-based project feedback system.

Value-based project feedback

US Builders provides our clients with front-end, pre-construction services. The main purpose of pre-construction services is to assist our clients from the beginning of a project in defining and achieving their design and budget goals. The end result of the pre-construction process is typically saving both time and money.

    Pre-construction services include:

  1. Understanding the Mission
  2. Project Site Review
  3. Construction Team Recommendations
  4. Preliminary Estimates
  5. Value Engineering / Scope Qualification
  6. Constructability and Material Suggestions
  7. Scheduling

Construction Management

US Builders provides the following construction services to ensure the accurate scope of work and satisfaction of the client’s needs:

  1. Regular meeting with the Owner and Design Team
  2. Weekly on-site meetings
  3. Scheduling to coordinate lead times and delivery dates of Construction Drawings and Submittals
  4. Scheduling to coordinate lead times and delivery dates for materials and equipment
  5. Daily management and coordination of Site Supervision
    • US Builders self-performance work
    • Management and coordination of subcontractors
    • Scheduling
    • Quality Control
    • Cost Control
    • Safety
  6. Compliance of scope with Plans and Specifications
  7. Compliance of scope in accordance to local, State, and Federal code
  8. Schedule and coordinate testing and inspection requirements
  9. Obtain permits and certificates necessary for construction and Occupancy
  10. Development and completion of punch list for outstanding construction items
  11. Delivery of the project ‘on schedule, on budget’
  12. One (1) year warranty walk through with Owner and Design Team
  13. Close out binder with appropriate lien waivers and warranty information
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